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In Chinese, Jigu literally means “to beat or touch the drum” with passion and vigor and that is what these performers do best! Audiences will be transfixed by the awesome musicality and power of JIGU! THUNDER DRUMS OF CHINA. The fine art of drumming and percussive performance is demonstrative of China's rich and historic culture especially in and around the Shanxi Province, which is where the performers call home. In China, the drum and percussive arts are passed down from generation to generation, and ancient drumming tradition can be traced back many centuries .

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Performances by JIGU! THUNDER DRUMS OF CHINA are deeply rooted in this rich heritage. by the shows producers . The drummers, percussionists, and musicians of JIGU! THUNDER DRUMS OF CHINA, range in age from about 16 to 30 years old, and their youthful exuberance shines through in every performance they give on their tours. The show offers intense, high-tech lighting and special effects that patrons won't want to miss. Not only will audiences be immersed in a wonderland of sight and sound, they will be swept away by the incredible drumming power and astounding musicianship displayed by these talented performers!

The following REVIEWS tell the unique story of this incredible drum art ensemble and their very special world music approach. Below are a few highlights from publications and presenters across North America and the world, describing the thrill and spectacle of this innovative and fun cultural attraction:

Jigu's !virtuosic command of style and technique tells wordless tales of man and nature, war and peace, love and delight ~ all through an imaginative fusion of movement , music , colour and costume ...
~ Rochester City News (New York, USA)

The Thunder dragon roared in the Cultural Grand Theatre on Monday night ... it roared and then it began tapping its toes to the insistent rhythms of JIGU! THUNDER DRUMS OF CHINA
~ South China Morning Post (Hong Kong, China)

During the 2 hours I was never bored , the sounds of every drum rumbled through the Theatre. With resonating melodies, the elegance and tradition in every act throughout the show and the overall intensity, I was easily able to see why JIGU has become a world-renowned and respected group of percussionists and musicians . ~ Idaho State University Bengal (Pocatello, Idaho, USA)

Thanks so much for a great performance of JIGU ! Thunder Drums of China! We didnt Just watch , we experienced JIGU in our bodies! It was a magnificent, multi-sensory experience. The performances were visually stunning , gorgeous and gracious ..
~ Ms. Ronna Kalish, New Mexico Tech Performing Arts Series (Socorro, New Mexico, USA)

This was one of the smoothest presenting experiences I've ever had . The show looked wonderful and met all of my expectations.
~ Mr. Jeff Martin, Brigham Young University Arts Series, (Provo, Utah, USA)

JIGU offers a new way of presenting music to an audience by combining it with a unique visual element , demonstrating just how diverse the concept of family entertainment & world music can be ..
~ The Montgomery County Sentinel (Maryland, USA)

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