The United Kingdom Ukulele Orchestra

The British are Coming...

UK & USA representation

ATTENTION! The Brits are back!
-Brilliant Comedy-Brilliant Music-

Is it possible for anyone to create a show that brilliantly combines music from Mozart to Monty Python, Bach to the Beatles, Chick Corea to Rossini?

The answer of course in the case of The United Kingdom Ukulele Orchestra (TUKUO) is a resounding “YES!” Their motto is; “Musical borders belong to Yesterday”.

After two hugely successful European Tours in 2011 and 2012 they’re coming back in 2013; the musicians from the Peter Moss directed United Kingdom Ukulele Orchestra with their totally unique vocal harmony blend that brings every Concert Hall to its feet night after night will return. Combine this talent with their own brand of typical British humour, brilliantly daring and inventive arrangements and the unbelievable sound of their miniature instrument of choice, the famous and often overlooked Ukulele, originally from Hawaii.

VIDEO of Ukulele Orchestra »

“DON’T MISS THIS!” announced the SWR Television station. “THE UKULELE ROCKS!” shouts the Stuttgarter Zeitung newspaper. Various other influential city newspapers, der Mannheimer Morgen, die Allgemeine Zeitung, die Heilbronner to name but a few, enthuse with such comments as “brilliant music-cabarét experience”, “wonderful musical comedy” and “the best fun ever!”.

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