Daniel was honoured by the business & political leaders of Killarney in August 2014 when he was inducted into the ‘Order Of Innisfallen’ by the business and political leaders of Killarney during his run of five sold out shows at the INEC, Gleneagles. This prestigious award is given in recognition of contributions made to the area’s economy, especially in tourism, by people from outside the Killarney area. President of the local Chamber of Tourism & Commerce, Johnny Mcguire, is reported to have said that whilst the INEC has attracted renowned performers from around the world over the years, Daniel ’stood head and shoulders above the rest, in terms of popularity, audience numbers and business generated’. Mayor John Joe Culloty praised Daniel for what he has done for tourism in the Kerry area and INEC Managing Director Patrick O‘Donoghue said that Daniel‘s popularity was unfaltering and that ‘he was one of the greatest entertainers ever to come through the doors of the Gleneagle Hotel‘.